The Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in Los Angeles Issues ordinary passports to all Afghan citizens who reside in the area of its jurisdiction in accordance to the accepted rules and regulations. For other types of passports: diplomatic, service, and student the applications can be made at the Directorate of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in Kabul, Afghanistan. 



  1. Online form: Please fill out the online passport application form in any of the languages Dari, Pashto, and or in English and submit it online. If you have already applied in the past, please contact one of our passport officers immediately, otherwise, your application may be rejected.
  2. Appointment: right after the submission of online passport’s form you would be directed to the appointment section to schedule your appointment through our website. Upon the successful appointment confirmation, one of our officers will contact you through email or telephone.
  3. National ID card/ Tazkira: the Tazkira must be certified by authorized authorities -- without original Tazkira the application will be rejected. (Tazkira that has not been attested by the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan will be directed to Afghanistan Central Civil Registration Authority (ACCRA) for verification and only after receiving official endorsement our office will start processing of your application).
  4. Passport for child under eighteen: according to Act 18 of passport law and fulfilling the requirements of Act 19 of the same law, parents can apply for their minor child’s Afghan passport. However, the presences of all applicants including children (minors) are mandatory at the Consulate General of Afghanistan, in order to take a brief interview, fingerprints and to process the other administrative procedures.
  5. Original documents: in addition to national ID card (Tazkira) it is required to submit applicant’s old Afghan Passport, Marriage Certificate, and Educational documents attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, but none of the above documents can replace the importance of Tazkira.
  6. Provision of at least one of following U.S. documents: (Green Card, Social Security Number, Driving license, and or U.S. passport.)
  7. Passport photos size: three standard passport-size photos with white background 4x4.5cm. (The American standard Passport Photo size can suffice this requirement).


  • The new machine readable electronic passports are issued based on the accurate information, therefore, please review and ensure the accuracy of your information when you provide them.
  • A printed copy of online application form is required to bring with you at the Consulate General of Afghanistan on the day of your appointment.
  • Also, please provide with a printed copy of the appointment confirmation page from your email when coming to appointment at the Consulate General of Afghanistan.
  • Stating applicant Surname is mandatory.
  • Date of birth must be written in the form of (dd/mmm/yyyy e.g. 04/Jul/1990) in either Gregorian or Afghan Calendars.
  • Place of birth should be stated as per birth certificate, or the Tazkira.
  • Applicants should state their exact height measurements in centimeters (cm)
  • An original signature of the applicant will be taken on the designated box of the passport application at the Consulate Office, so please make sure that your signature is not touching the box lines.
  • The issuance of a new machine-readable Afghan passport takes 7 to 10 business days, also in exceptional circumstances it may take longer.



If something is missing from the above stated requirements the process of passport application may be delayed or even rejected. Also, please make sure all the information is correct and accurate before submitting the application; and if any incorrect information that applicant provided is printed on the passport the Consulate General of Afghanistan is not responsible -- it is the applicant’s sole responsibility to contact the Consulate General Office immediately and follow their instructions and procedures to fix the incorrect information. There may be a service fee(s) applicable to correct that information.

The passport application fee is absolutely non – refundable.

If the old passport is expired, the following penalty fees are applicable:
3 months past validity date on passport   : $5.00
6 months past validity date on passport   : $10.00
9 months past validity date on passport   : $15.00
12 months past validity date on passport : $20.00
All Fees and fines are accepted only in money orders form.


The fee for the digital passport is $120 per application payable to: 

Please do not COMBINE money orders if there is more than one application. A separate money order is required for each application. For example, if you have two passport applications it should be as follows:
Two separate $120 each in the form of money orders for a total of $240
Two separate $10 each in the form of money orders for a total of $20
The total fees for two passports will be amount of $260 plus $25 extra delivery fee to your mailing address.

The fee for passport delivery from New York to Los Angeles is $10 for each application payable to:

The fee for passport delivery from Consulate General of Afghanistan to applicant residence address is $25 payable to:

Note: if applicant can collect the new printed passport from our office the $25 money order is not required.


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