Notable to Afghans living in the United States of America,

Thus, Afghan citizens who do not have a national ID or it has been destroyed or gone missing, can obtain one in absentia from Afghanistan on basis of their paternal relatives’ national ID including father, grandfather, siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins of father’s side and their children.  

Once documentation process is completed, an official letter from the Afghan Consulate General will be attached and package will be sealed in an envelope. Applicants then may send it to Afghanistan for their legal representatives (or relatives) to proceed with obtaining a national ID on their behalf in absentia.


  1. Fill in the form: the online Tazkira application form in Dari/Pashto or in English and submit it online. If you have already applied once, please contact one of our legal services officers immediately otherwise, your application may be rejected.
  2. Appointment: right after the submission of Tazkira form please make an appointment through our website. After the successful appointment confirmation soon one of our officers will contact you by email or telephone about your Tazkira application.   
  3. Presence of applicant: The presence of applicant him/herself at the Consulate General of Afghanistan is mandatory in order to take brief interview, fingerprints and follow other administrative procedures.
  4. Legal representative: The applicants will also be required to write a request letter to the Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Los Angeles identifying his/her attorney who will be processing their Tazkira in Afghanistan on their behalf.
  5. Identification documents indicating Afghan citizenship (Tazkera from Paternal Family which Includes, Tazkera from the applicant's father, brother, Uncle or any of the relatives from the Father’s side)
  6. Provision of US documents such as:(Green Card, Social Security Number, Driving license or US passport.)
  7. Eight passport-size photos with a white background 4 x 4.5 cm.

Note: Applicants should state in their application if they are obtaining a copy of their lost or damages Tazkira or it’s their first time applying for one.


The fee for the Consular services is $10 which should be in the form of money order. Submit one money order per applicant, payable to:

 “Consulate General of  Afghanistan” 

Access Tazkira Form

To register your tazkira click on below link and insert the information in the required fields.

Tazkira Form

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